Housewife catches huge snake hiding in kitchen using blanket

A housewife caught a huge snake hiding in her kitchen using a blanket.Khun Jom Jam spotted the 6ft-long rat snake hiding under her couch in Nong Bua Lam Phu province, northern Thailand on October 29.The creature then slithered to the next room where it hid under sacks of rice before the brave young woman managed to catch it.Footage shows Khun Jom draping a cloth on top of the reptile before grabbing it with her bare hands.She said: ‘It was a harmless snake so I was confident about handling it. If it was some other kind I wouldn't dare to do this and called the professionals instead.'The part-time event dancer carried the creature out of their house. She then threw it out into the garden where the reptile freely slithered away.Khum Jom was praised by neighbours for being brave and loving to wildlife.A neighbour said: ‘Even if it was a nonvenomous snake, she is still very brave. I would panic at the mere sight of it.'