Howard Stern gives Ellen DeGeneres bizarre advice: ‘Just be a p****’

Ellie Harrison
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Howard Stern Ellen DeGeneres
Howard Stern Ellen DeGeneres

Howard Stern has offered up some unconventional advice to Ellen DeGeneres, telling her to embrace her increasingly toxic reputation.

The TV host has made headlines in recent weeks after claims by numerous staff at The Ellen DeGeneres Show that racism, bullying and sexual harassment were rife behind the scenes.

While DeGeneres herself has not been personally accused of mistreating staff, she said in a statement that, as the face of the show, she took “full responsibility” for the situation.

Stern, who presents SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show, has now said that if he were in DeGeneres’s shoes, he would “change [his] whole image.”

“I’d go on the air and be a son of a b****,” he said. “People would come on and [I would] go, ‘F*** you.’ Just be a p****.”

He continued: “So you think I’m a p****? I’m going to show you exactly…”

Stern, who has a reputation for being a shock jock, is a long-time friend of DeGeneres’s, but they have had their ups and downs.

In 2010, he said: “Ellen DeGeneres is such a jerk. She’s such a foul piece of garbage, people who work with her know. She’s a tyrant ogre, this whole nice girl image is a lot of horses*** fakery.”

They later made amends and Stern even married his wife Beth on DeGeneres’s show in 2019.

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