Hubble’s in trouble: Nasa toils to fix the space telescope

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The Hubble space telescope is in trouble after a software crash.

Nasa engineers are currently trying to fix the worst outage in the history of the super-spyglass, which launched in 1990 and has been mostly down for the past month.

The possible cause of the problems is the power control unit sending voltage to the computer, but a series of code commands sent to reboot Hubble have already failed.

Staying with space, Jeff Bezos is plotting his blast-off from West Texas a little over a week after Virgin Galactic’s Sir Richard Branson.

The four-person crew plans an 11-minute ride to the edge of space on Tuesday inside his company Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft, which is said to be entirely autonomous.

Scientists tracking the pandemic say the Covid-19 vaccination programme has led to “a high proportion” of people in England having detectable antibodies.

But they are raising concerns of a lower uptake of shots among people who have been previously infected with coronavirus.

Why Twitter is shutting down its Fleets feature, young people are being trained to spot disinformation online as part of a new government strategy, how reading, writing letters and playing card games or puzzles in later life may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s dementia by up to five years. And, archaeologists have found a near-complete Anglo-Saxon dwelling and oratory believed to date from the early 9th century.

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