Huddersfield couple look and feel completely different after shedding 7st together

Lesley and Geoff before their weight loss transformation
-Credit: (Image: Slimming World)

A married couple who were struggling with both their physical and mental health have transformed their lives after shedding more than seven stone.

Geoff and Lesley Haley, from Rastrick, near Huddersfield, can’t stop smiling after being crowned winners of Two Together competition at their local Slimming World group after losing a life-changing 7st 7.5lb between them.

Lesley had lost weight 20 years ago with Slimming World but her weight had fluctuated throughout those years after having three children. Her children are now grown with kids of their own and Lesley decided it was time she did something for herself and return to Slimming World.

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Now she says her only regret is that she didn't return sooner. Lesley remembered how liberating and easy food optimising was and was soon seeing the pounds drop off.

She had a new-found love for walking and would put her husband Geoff through his paces. Lesley said: “Geoff would be frustrated how I could walk faster than him, without losing my breath.”

Lesley and Geoff after the weight loss
Lesley and Geoff after the weight loss -Credit:Slimming World

Lesley walks whenever she gets the opportunity and attends two gym classes a week. She has now completed her Body Magic Platinum Award. Body Magic is Slimming World's activity programme that helps clients increase their fitness levels at their own pace.

After seeing Lesley’s success, Geoff decided to give Slimming World a go. He said: “It was just after Christmas, I had overindulged with food and drink like many others, I felt overweight and unfit. I knew I had to make some changes.

"Going along for the first time was a little nerve wracking - especially being a man. I imagined being the only one. I needn’t have worried there were many other males in the group, in fact I made new friends and enjoyed being part of the comradely, it is uplifting and enlightening."

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Sarah the consultant and Rastrick Bowling Club said: “It was great to see Geoff grow in confidence and was inspiring to see him making new friends with other male members."

Both Lesley and Geoff have found a new love for food, they enjoy making delicious healthy meals form the Slimming World website and support each other to make healthier swaps - especially when eating out,.

Lesley said: “Eating out was our biggest challenge, especially weekends we had to learn how to change our habits for a new healthier lifestyle. Sarah helped us to think about what changes we needed to make in order to still enjoy eating out and lose weight each week."

Sarah said: “We understand how hard it can be to make those changes, we understand the psychology of slimming and promote healthy mindset and behaviour changes for lifelong success."

Lesley says that losing weight has been good for her mental health, something she has struggled with in the past. Last year Lesley was classed as pre-diabetic but this year, after being re-tested, she is now in the normal range.

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And Geoff has reduced his blood pressure and has gone from high to normal. They both feel that losing weight has positive health benefits, ones that will help them live a new healthier lifestyle.

Lesley has lost a fantastic 3st 5.5lb and is now a target member, Geoff also has reached his target weight and lost an incredible 4st 2lb.

Geoff said: “Anyone who is worried or unsure about joining a group, just go for it. Especially those men who would like to lose weight and feel good about themselves, get back into that driving seat and gain back control of your life and reap the many benefits.”

If you would like to find out more about Slimming World or find your nearest group visit the website, here.