Huddersfield 'Loose Cannon' eating eight meals a day ahead of two huge fights

-Credit: (Image: Liam Hodgson)
-Credit: (Image: Liam Hodgson)

A Huddersfield fighter is spending hours in the gym to get in shape for two huge upcoming boxing bouts.

Liam Hodgson, 26, says his training regime has 'shot through the roof' while his diet of food and drink has been upped to around 3,400 calories a day to help pack on the muscle.

In July, Liam is taking on Luke Dyson from Halifax for the English Hybrid Boxing title, which will be Liam's debut. And in September he will fight Grimsby man Liam Gell, who is the British light heavyweight champion at UBKB (Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing).

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Liam's bare knuckle record is four wins and two losses. In 2022 he went viral in a rare 'double knockdown' video.

In recent months Liam, a former doorman and rugby player, has been working hard in the gym and doing plenty of running, including circuits at the notoriously tough Scammonden Steps, as well as following the advice of his personal trainer, Jacob Binns.

"My training has shot through the roof and everything has knocked up a gear," Liam told YorkshireLive.

"My training has been upped. I've brought a lot more things into this camp and am taking my time doing everything I commit myself to. I follow a strict meal plan that will help benefit me physically and mentally."

Liam Hodgson is preparing for two upcoming boxing fights -Credit:Liam Hodgson
Liam Hodgson is preparing for two upcoming boxing fights -Credit:Liam Hodgson

Most days consists of six meals, but this can go up to eight meals if the training has been particularly intense. Breakfast would typically consist of four poached eggs and two slices of toast. Then there will be protein shakes taken with water, yoghurt and berries, chicken and rice with veg, steak and rice with veg, and another protein shake. If he's still hungry towards the end of the day, he might have four boiled eggs and later some Greek-style yoghurt and honey.

The aim is to reach around 3,400 calories a day, quite a lot more than the recommended amount for an average man (2,500).

He adds: "In my training, I have upped my cardio and changed boxing gym. I now train at a private gym where I am surrounded by great and upcoming talent. I am being pushed to my limits by my new coaches.

"I frequently train three times a day - one is first thing, then on an afternoon and boxing in the evening. I do running early every morning and usually strength and conditioning in an afternoon. I have totally committed my life to this camp and tweaked the little areas that let me down in the past.

"I'm feeling very confident in myself to get the job done. I am physically in the best shape I have ever been in. There's always room for improving and come fight night I'll be the best version of myself. I am now comfortable and am seeing results from all the hard work. I am coming for what I deserve."

Liam, who stands 5ft 7 tall and weighs 13st 10, has lost more than three stones since January as he targets his ideal fighting weight.

But he has no plans to alter his fighting style which is summed up by his long-standing nickname, Loose Cannon. He admits that in the past he was perhaps a little bit 'sloppy' in his style in the ring and has since become a little more disciplined.

When asked if he's still a Loose Cannon, he doesn't hesitate in his reply. "I am. I always will be."

But he adds: "I'm a totally different fighter now with a lot more to bring to the table." The Hybrid Boxing event is on Saturday July 20 in Woodhouse, Leeds. The bare knuckle title is at the BEC Arena, Manchester, on September 28.

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