Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman's emotional 'I love you all' message as he stands down after 45 years

Long-serving Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman has shared an emotional farewell as he steps down from the role he has dedicated 45 years of his life to.

Today, parliament was officially dissolved in preparation for the General Election on July 4, and Barry Sheerman, who announced he was stepping down from the role in 2021, has shared an emotional farewell to the town of Huddersfield.

First serving as the MP for Huddersfield East, he has held the seat of Huddersfield since the 1983 election. He is also the longest serving Labour MP, having served in Parliament for almost half a century.

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Now, in an emotional message posted to his social media account, Barry Sheerman has bid farewell to his role as Huddersfield MP. He also urged people to support the new Labour candidate in the region, Harpreet Uppal.

He said: "I am no longer the Member of Parliament for Huddersfield after 45 years working for the whole of our community it has been a privilege I love you all! Harpreet Uppal will be your new brilliant Labour candidate!"

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Parliament has now been dissolved for the General Election, meaning there are no MPs as all seats are up for election. The vote will be help on July 4.