Huge blister developed following laser tattoo removal

Staff writer

A man was left startled as he began undergoing a £35 laser removal procedure to get rid of a tattoo - and developed a huge BLISTER half an inch high on the tattoo area.

Andrew Milne, 32, set about having a tattoo of a rose removed from the third finger on his left hand - which had been tattooed there to cover up a former tattoo of his ex-wife's initials.

But after just his second laser session on Friday, Andrew was alarmed to wake up the following morning and find a huge, tough blister covering the tattoo.

Andrew, a fashion account manager from Kirby Northamptonshire, told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo: "It was quite alarming.

"I don't think it's anything to do with the place I had it done, I'm fairly sure that I've just had a bad reaction to it.

"I'm not entirely sure if I will continue with the tattoo removal. It's kind of put me off taking it any further."