Huge brown bear enters 7-Eleven store in California and helps itself to candy bars

This is the moment a huge brown bear repeatedly entered a 7-Eleven store and helped itself to candy bars.

Cashier Christopher Kinson, 54, was working a nightshift at the store in Olympic Valley, California, when he saw the door open - but no one entered.

He looked down and spotted the brown bear helping itself to late-night snacks.

Christopher, who is originally from Wisconsin, said: "Initially I was surprised. I see the door open, and I don't see a torso and I am like 'oh my god. It's a bear'.

"The videos really don't do it justice. The bear was about 20% to 30% bigger in real life."

Christopher stood behind the counter and watched as the bear raided the local store.

He said: "I always kept my distance and I had the back door near me so I could escape if it charged me.

"I was scared initially, but they just want to eat. You always have to be careful though. We don't know how exactly they are thinking.