Huge brown bear goes for a dip in woman's swimming pool

A mum looked out her window - to see a huge brown bear taking a dip in her swimming pool.

Yelena Volk, 38, had been swimming in the same pool at home in Arcadia, California, with her baby just two hours before the bear jumped in.

Video shows the large bear lowering itself down in to the swimming pool - while Yelena films from the safety of her home

The bear then paddles from one side to the other, obviously enjoying the refreshing dip on what was a scorching day.

Yelena, a mum-of-two, said: "We get a lot of bears in the neighbourhood as we are located near the mountains.

"This is the second bear I've seen in my garden and I've also seen bob cats have nose around too.

"It's really quite scary - me and my baby were in the pool swimming just two hours before."

The video was filmed on July 16.

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