Huge cannabis grows discovered in Doncaster worth £600K as police raid five homes

-Credit: (Image: SYP)
-Credit: (Image: SYP)

Drugs worth £600K on the streets have been seized following raids on homes across Doncaster. Officers smashed their way into properties in Balby and Hexthorpe to discover cannabis grows.

Five properties were harbouring 614 cannabis plants - worth a whopping £600K on the streets. Sergeant Martin Maw, of Doncaster Central NPT, said: "These sophisticated cannabis factories are often hidden in normal, unassuming suburban homes, with vulnerable people recruited and exploited to look after the grows.

"Cannabis isn't a harmless drug. The sale of this drug funds organised crime groups who are responsible for some of the most serious violence we see on our streets. By cutting off their supply, we disrupt these groups' operations, and we will continue to act on our own intelligence and information submitted by members of the public to execute warrants and dismantle these set ups."

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It is thought the plants recovered are worth in excess of £600,000, with two people arrested and charged with production of a Class B drug following the warrants earlier this week. The properties raided posed a significant fire risk to neighbouring houses after it was found that the electricity had been bypassed.

The electricity board has since visited the properties and made them safe to eliminate this risk. Sgt Maw added: "We are gathering more and more intelligence on cannabis factories across the Doncaster Central area and we will be collecting the evidence we need to secure legal warrants and dismantle these set ups.

"We invest significant resources into tearing apart these operations and I want to encourage the public to continue reporting information to us so we can investigate and act to put a stop to more of these cannabis factories."

If you are concerned about the production of supply of drugs in your local area, please contact us on 101 or submit information to us online via our reporting portal here. If you want to submit information anonymously, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Some of the signs that a property is being used for growing cannabis include:

  • Heavy smell of cannabis

  • Windows blacked out

  • Excessive condensation on windows

  • Blocked letterbox

  • Heavy use of anti-odour devices

  • Visitors at unusual hours; only staying for a short period of time

  • Signs of a property not being lived in – bins not being put out, garden not maintained etc.