Huge cobra caught hiding under family’s car in Thailand

This is the moment a huge cobra was caught after hiding under a family’s car in Thailand. The 10ft-long deadly snake slithered through a family’s garage and hid under a vehicle after a resident saw it in Krabi province on July 6. It climbed up the car and searched for a space to squeeze in until it found an opening under the sedan’s engine. The shocked resident Kowit Hahab, 42, rushed back inside their house and called the animal rescue team for help taking out the snake. He said: ‘It was making small movements on the floor but since it was too big, I immediately noticed it was there. ‘The snake was startled as well when I went out to the garage. Maybe it did not expect to see me so it went to hide under the car.’ When the team arrived, they searched under the vehicle using a flashlight and found the snake tucked underneath just beside the exhaust pipe. As it was too big to fit itself inside the engine, its tail was exposed which was grabbed by a skillful rescue volunteer. The huge snake did not resist as it appeared infested with tick. The team would take the animal back with them to their facility where it will be taken care of until it could be released.

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