The huge Essex coastline with beautiful beaches and amazing places to live

Walton-on-the-Naze beach, England
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/Yoyochow23)

Essex’s 350-mile coastline is one of the county's most valued assets for its national and international importance for nature conservation, value to the local economy (including for tourism and fishing), the importance for open landscapes, archaeological and heritage assets and its renewable energy infrastructure.

One of the longest coastlines of any county in England, the Essex coast stretches for over 350 miles and consists of beaches, picturesque villages and many vibrant towns which all contribute to making it a popular place to live and visit.

However, many might not be able to put into perspective how long Essex’s coastline really is - so here are some measurements that really put the size of it into perspective!

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Greggs sausage rolls

The Greggs sausage roll production line would have to work overtime to provide enough sausage rolls to line up across all of Essex’s coastline. If a sausage roll is approximately six inches, it would take approximately 3,696,000 Greggs sausage rolls laid end to end to stretch 350 miles.

Big Ben

One of England’s most iconic landmarks looks huge from ground level - but it is astonishing to see the number of Big Bens that would need to be lined up to travel the Essex coast. With one Big Ben measuring at 92 metres, it would take approximately 5,847 Big Bens to stretch 350 miles.

A trip from Southend on Sea to Luxembourg

By car, a road trip from Southend on Sea to Luxembourg City would take you about seven hours via the E40. However, the trip comes in at 375 miles - only a small amount longer than the distance of Essex’s coastline.

Packs of Walker’s crisps

Let's assume the length of a standard Walkers crisps bag - an iconic British snack - is about 7.5 inches (this is an average estimate, as bag sizes can vary slightly). This means it would take a whopping 2,956,800 standard bags of Walkers crisps to stretch 350 miles.

In summary, while massively underrated by its residents, Essex's coastline is crucial for supporting diverse ecosystems and providing vital habitats for numerous wildlife species. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the local economy through tourism, fishing, and maritime activities.

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