Huge Lost Ancient Greek City Is Found Sunk Beneath The Sea

Atlantis-style settlement had paved streets and dates back 4,500 years

Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Hellenic Ministry of Culture

A huge ancient Greek city which was lost beneath the waves has been discovered just off the coast in the Aegean sea.

The city has paved streets and was around the size of 10 football fields - and is thought to date back 4,5000 years.

The fortified Bronze Age settlement was found in Khilada Bay, in the Argolic Gulf.

It was found by researchers looking for signs of prehistoric civilisations on the coast - and was submerged in water between three and 10 feet deep.

Julien Beck of the University of Geneva said, ‘The importance of our discovery is partly due to the large size. There must have been a brick superstructure above a stone foundation.

‘The chances of finding such walls under water are extremely low. The full size of the facility is not yet known. We do not know why it is surrounded by fortifications.