Huge monitor lizard caught breaking into Thailand home

A homeowner was shocked after looking out his window to find a huge monitor lizard trying to break in.

Khun Nattawat, 40, heard the four-foot-long reptile scratching on the glass in Ang Thong, central Thailand on Monday (December 23) morning.

It had crawled through a gap in the iron gate at the front of the home before trying to get inside the property.

Footage shows the rescuers struggling to catch the monitor lizard, which ran around the yard for 10 minutes before they eventually strapped it down.

The owner said that he never saw a monitor lizard this big before. He said: "I was shocked to see the reptile coming to my house, I thought it was a crocodile.

"I have seen monitor lizards before but not this big, so I hid in my house waiting for the rescuers to handle it."

The monitor lizard was carried to the rescue car while the neighbors came to see the address of the house to use as their lottery numbers.