Huge Plumes of Smoke Seen Rising From Pujerra Wildfire

Huge plumes of grey smoke filled the air over Pujerra, Spain, on June 9, as firefighters on land and in the air battled to control a wildfire in the area.

Footage taken from inside a Spanish Air Force plane on Thursday shows the aircraft flying in a smoke-filled sky.

The Spanish Air Force, Ejercito del Aire, said in the caption that four planes from the 43 Grupo de Fuerzas Aéreas, part of the Spanish Military Emergency Unit, had participated in firefighting efforts on Thursday.

INFOCA, the Forest Fire Extinction Service in Andalucia, said on June 10 that the 3,500 hectare fire was stabilised, though not yet in controlled. Credit: Ejercito del Aire via Storyful

Video transcript


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