Huge new regeneration project planned for Coventry and people have very mixed opinions

Map shows where the regeneration in the north of Coventry city centre could take place
-Credit: (Image: Coventry City Council)

Coventry Live readers have been discussing a new project for Coventry, encompassing a major regeneration of the area known as 'City Centre North'. The project, still in the concept stages, is set to transform the area surrounding the city's transport museum.

The initial proposals feature new housing, revamped public spaces, and improved transport links. Coventry Council is promoting this venture as an opportunity for a "strategic investor" to partner with them. See what our readers have to say in our comments section.

The council's website states the work will deliver "significant housing growth", however the proposed scheme is for a mixed-use development, incorporating both living spaces and other functional areas. The council are envisioning that this will "encourage new inner-city communities". The scheme will also feature "access hubs" that will extend the Coventry VLR connections, simplifying the use of public transport for easy access to the city.

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Commenter westorchards is unhappy with the plan: “This will end up like the Commonwealth Games athletes village in Perry Barr. Empty and unsaleable. Not only will Coventry have an elephant on its crest. It will have an enormous white elephant as its city centre!” Manfredcov agrees: “I would have rather they had consolidated the shops, knocked down the rest and made it look nice. They keep adding new bits, keeping old bits and now it looks like something a kid dreamed up.”

The unseen eye says: “Try sorting out the rest of Cov first, not the bits the council wants the world to see.”

MatthewRichardson likes the plans: “Looks like it could be a good move. Could link in nicely with the Dhaimler wharf residential project as well.”

Over on Facebook Darren Biddle thinks: “Sounds good for the regeneration, but Friargate has flopped and it is barely anything like it was planned. City Centre South has literally only just got moving after what feels like centuries and that’s miles off the original vision, revised to a much duller questionable revamp…”

Emma Jayne Boss complains: “Don't they think they have ruined enough of our town centre already. No shops, no clothes shops, nothing to do but eat in town. It's called a city centre for a reason. It's meant to be a place where people can shop, socialise and get things needed for everyday living. Not a place to eat or live.”

Martin Nike points out: “City centres are not just about shopping. It’s only in the U.K. where they were turned into shopping ghettoes thanks to disastrous post war planning.” Simon David agrees: “a lack of people living in the city centre was the big failure of the planners post war. This is starting to be solved now (new accommodation plus City Centre South) and this development should improve things further.”

ShaZ-Za Feen-ey is concerned: “Coventry keeps building homes, but forgets about facilities such as schools, doctors and dentists. We have a serious lack of school places at what point is the council going to acknowledge and address that issue?”

armyofall is not optimistic: “yet more properties only affordable for the top 20% of income.” Brian Walford thinks however: “Anything that brings living accommodation must be encouraged.”

What do you think about encouraging inner city communities, will this plan benefit Coventry? Have your say in our comments section.

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