Huge restaurant fire captured on camera by shocked drivers as ASH covers vehicles on A34 dual carriageway

This is the moment shocked drivers watched a restaurant go up in flames while ash rained down on their cars.

Fire crews raced to the African Village restaurant in Perry Barr, Birmingham, which caught fire around 4pm yesterday (14th).

It is not known how the fire started but firefighters have managed to put the blaze out and will stay on the scene for several more hours.

A man was reportedly rescued through a window of the restaurant by firefighters.

The African Village restaurant had been earmarked for demolition with an eight-storey apartment block for 95 homes to be built in its place.

Senior fencing labourer James Ashley, 28, was returning home to Hollywood, Birmingham from a job in Perry Barr via the A34 dual carriageway when he spotted clouds of thick black smoke.

James said: "We could see the smoke from about a mile away and was unsure of what it could be.

"As we got closer, it was apparent that it was some sort of building on fire as we could see the huge flames.

"As we drove past, there was lots of police and fire engines trying to get to the fire.

"Ash was actually falling onto our vehicle as we drove past on the dual carriageway.

"It's certainly the biggest fire I have ever witnessed in my 28 years of life and I do sincerely hope nobody was injured."