‘It was a huge shock’: James Whale reveals wife Melinda has terminal lung cancer

Emma Powell
Heartbroken: Presenter James Whale: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty

Radio presenter James Whale has revealed his wife Melinda has only months to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The couple – who have been married for nearly 50 years – were dealt the devastating news in December when doctors told Melinda, 68, she has stage four lung cancer.

James has opened up about his wife’s diagnosis, saying he cannot “even contemplate” losing her.

Speaking to the Daily Mail he said: “Melinda has stage four lung cancer, it is terminal. She is not expected to live very long, it may be weeks or months.

“She is having treatment, and I can’t give up that last glimmer of hope. But the doctors say I have to face facts. She is dying. The thought of losing her is so painful, it is difficult to even contemplate.”

Devastated: James Whale during his time on Celebrity Big Brother (Getty Images)

Melinda first went to her GP in September with a cough which she was prescribed antibiotics for. When they failed to work she was sent for a chest X-ray which found the disease on her lungs.

She said: “When I saw the radiographer’s face I immediately knew something was wrong. The next day, I was told I needed further tests.

“By the time I was told it was cancer in December, I already knew. Don’t ask me how, but I did. I have stage four lung cancer with secondary cancer scattered here, there and everywhere.