Huge python slithers out of bathroom light - just as kids were brushing their teeth

David Harding
The five foot python dangling from the light (Bryce Lockett/Mercury Press))

A five feet python slithered out of a bathroom light at a home in Australia - as two children brushed their teeth before going to bed.

The chilling incident happened in Australia, at a home in Brisbane, Queensland.

The horrified family hurriedly called out a snake catcher, Bryce Lockett, to remove the serpent, which was dangling from the ceiling.

Imagine seeing this as you brushed your teeth. The snake dangling from the bathroom light (Bryce Lockett/Mercury Press)

Unsurprisingly, he said the children were scared by the accident.

Lockett was able to remove the snake and he eventually released into a nearby creek after removing it from the home.

He said it was unusual for snakes to sneak through a light fitting.

The python was said to be five feet long (Bryce Lockett/Mercury Press)

Lockett also took pictures of the python dangling from the light - though he said it was harmless.

He said that as many as one in three people in Australia have snakes lurking in their roofs, but very few slither down light fixtures to into homes.

“I’ve been catching snakes for about seven years now, I’ve seen them all in various situations.

“People are generally quite terrified of them but I’ve owned snakes my whole life so I’m not too fazed.

“Carpet pythons are nocturnal and coldblooded, which is why this one must have slithered down to enjoy the heat of the lamp - they’re harmless but they don’t like to be disturbed.”

There was no word on whether or not the children could go to sleep without having nightmares following the incident.

Snake catcher Bryce Lockett (Bryce Lockett/Mercury Press)

Snakes slithering into homes is not just confined to tropical parts of Australia though.

Last year, a blind man in Exeter thought he had found a roll of insulation in his house and tried unsuccessfully to pick it up only for his horrified carer to spot an eight foot python in the bathroom.

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