Huge swarm of wasps takes over Anfield Road as neighbours lock themselves inside

A huge swarm of wasps took over Anfield Road as residents were forced to lock themselves indoors.

Footage shows the moment thousands of wasps flew through the air on Anfield Road, near to Anfield Stadium, at around 11am on Monday, May 20. Rob Tighe, 25, was working at a house on the road in his job as a joiner, when he caught the wasps on camera.

The video shows the wasps settling onto a Land Rover parked on the road. Rob said: "I had my headphones in, I was just looking out of the window and I thought they were flying out at first.

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"One landed on the window. I went out and they were everywhere. It was mad. I was a bit frightened at first.

"I thought I'm doing a job, I had lots of windows open. I had to run and close all the windows first so they didn't get inside.

"Lots of passersbys were having to wind their windows up and stop to have a look. People walking past were running away with their dogs."

According to Wasp Removal UK, wasps generally do not swarm in clusters the same way as honey bees do. The only time they will appear to swarm is when the nest has been treated or the entrance has been blocked.

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