Hugh Bonneville jokes he's had several plastic surgeries after Zoom 'filter' queries

English actor Hugh Bonneville attends the
Hugh Bonneville (AFP via Getty Images) (ANGELA WEISS via Getty Images)

Hugh Bonneville joked that he’d had several plastic surgery procedures after fans suggested he looked 20 again during a TV appearance.

The Downton Abbey star, 57, stunned viewers when he appeared on The One Show via Zoom this week, with many commenting on his fresh-faced look and dark hair.

His new look left fans wondering whether he was using some sort of filter to give himself a “glow up”.

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Showing his sense of humour, the actor could not resist responding with a hilarious post on Twitter.

Sharing a picture of himself against a green screen, he wrote: “STATEMENT: I have recently undergone a number of cosmetic procedures including rhinomicroscopy, breast indecision, cheekoplasty, follicoliopoly, dental undergouging, lipodonction and aura misting.

“Hope that clears things up.”

Bonneville added the hashtags “#filtergate #iamnotacat”.

Fans were impressed by how the star responded to the questions.

“The one thing which you haven’t had which is currently all the rage and very popular with people all over the world, is a sense of humour bypass,” said one person on Twitter.

“Have always had a soft spot for you and always will,” said another.

Bonneville had gone on to The One Show to discuss his new role as a volunteer COVID vaccine marshall at his local vaccination hub in West Sussex.

Hugh Bonneville attending the world premiere of Downton Abbey, held at the Cineworld Leicester Square, London.
Hugh Bonneville (PA) (PA)

However, fans were distracted by his appearance and many posted messages on social media suggesting some sort of filter was in use.

"That's some filter Hugh Bonneville has got on his Zoom," one person posted on Twitter.

"Hugh Bonneville couldn’t switch off the beautifying filter - 'I look 20, but I'm still here'," joked another.

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The actor is best known for starring as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey. His other big roles include Mr Henry Brown in the Paddington films and Ian Fletcher in the series W1A.

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