Comic Con: Hugh Grant jokes he was a ‘Dungeon Master’ but it was ‘more S&M and less D&D’

Comic Con: Hugh Grant jokes he was a ‘Dungeon Master’ but it was ‘more S&M and less D&D’

Hugh Grant made a memorable appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday (21 July), where he cracked a risqué joke about Dungeons & Dragons.

The actor is starring in a new movie based on the game, called Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, alongside Michelle Rodriguez and Chris Pine.

At the convention, Grant, 61, quipped that he used to be a Dungeon Master (the player who organises the game and creates some of the story and challenges), according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Well, I was a Dungeon Master,” he told fans, deadpan. “But it was more S&M and less D&D. It’s the English version.”

His shocked co-star Rodriguez responded with: “I wasn’t expecting that!”

At a panel later in the day, after the moderator joked that he had heard Grant was a lifelong D&D fan, Rodriguez corrected him, saying: “I think you mixed it up with S&M.”

“She’s not wrong,” said Grant. “I’ve been an enthusiastic Dungeon Master for some years now. That’s a British pastime, [a] national sport almost. I believe that’s why the Jonathans [directors Daley and Goldstein] thought of me for this, my reputation.”

Hugh Grant (AFP via Getty Images)
Hugh Grant (AFP via Getty Images)

In the new film, the star of The Undoing will play primary antagonist Forge Fletcher.

Based on the hugely popular fantasy role-playing game of the same name, the Dungeons & Dragons movie has been described as a subversive take on the game and will feature a large ensemble cast.

Dungeons & Dragons was first adapted for the big screen in 2000, with a film starring Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans and Thora Birch. It debuted to poor box office takings and was also widely panned by critics.