Hugh Grant shows Jimmy Fallon disgusting rugby ritual

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host talked Paddington star Hugh Grant into doing a disgusting ritual from his rugby days known as a “shoey.” Grant explained what a shoey is.

“It’s a silly thing rugby teams do where they drink beer out of their shoes,” Grant said. “It’s a kind of rite of passage.”

Grant told about a visit to his alma mater, Oxford, where he ran into the rugby team. Grant played rugby there himself while in school and relived some of his old glory days. He said the team made him drink an enormous amount of Snake Bite, a mix of half beer and half cider, which he described as “appalling.” It was then that he did a shoey, with a video of him doing it surfacing soon after.

Asked why he did it, Grant replied, “Well, I wanted to be down with the young people.”

Naturally, this gave Fallon an idea: He and Grant do a shoey right then and there. After a couple beers were delivered, Grant and Fallon each took off a shoe, emptied the beer into it, and chugged it.

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