Humberside Police launches new scheme to keep children safe on Cleethorpes beach

Sandi Starfish will help people should they become separated when visiting Cleethorpes beach
-Credit: (Image: Humberside Police)

A new scheme has been launched in time for the summer holidays to help increase the safety of families while visiting Cleethorpes Beach.

Every year, local coastal towns and beaches see an increase in visitors soaking up some sun - but it can make it too easy for families to get separated in the crowd - which is why Sandi Starfish has been launched.

From May 24, the local Neighbourhood Policing Team will help reunite children or vulnerable people with their parents, carers or guardians should they become separated from one another.

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When visiting Cleethorpes coast, people can obtain a free wristband from multiple locations scattered across the seafront - which can hold information such as one's name and contact number on the inside. Alternatively, multiple brightly coloured flags can act as meeting points for people if they are lost or confused.

Sergeant Shaun Pattinson, from the local neighbourhood team, said: “We’re really happy to see the launch of the initiative in our area, to ensure children and vulnerable adults stay safe when they are visiting our area.

“Over the busier months, we do see an increase in children and vulnerable adults going missing which we know causes huge distress for everyone involved.

“By bringing Sandi Starfish into action, we will hopefully be able to prevent this from happening as often or make it easier to reunite families.

“We would also ask that, as well as taking a free wristband, visitors also take a photo of their child on the day. This is a really big help as it provides officers with a better understanding of what the child is wearing if they do go missing.

“There is also a “Sandi” network which will operate as part of the initiative. This includes several community members and businesses who have been specially selected to be involved with the scheme. They will be putting flags outside their businesses when they are open, to help provide extra locations for children or vulnerable adults to go to should they become separated.