Humberside police officers sacked over sexist, homophobic, and racist messages

Seven police officers have been dismissed from Humberside Police following a series of "wholly inappropriate" messages, many of which were exchanged in a WhatsApp group.

Confirmation of the dismissals, which was delayed for legal reasons, came on Sunday night, but were related to special case hearings that took place in 2019.

One of the dismissed officers, Former Superintendent Ed Cook, admitted taking covert videos of women without their consent for his own sexual gratification over a seven-year period between 2011 and 2018.

In March this year, Sky News spoke to a serving female officer at Humberside who said she was "ostracised" by colleagues after reporting a senior officer who seduced her into a controlling relationship and claimed misogyny was a "monster" at the force.

There were two investigations - one into three police officers with one sending "offensive videos to another" and engaging in "highly inappropriate conversations."

All three officers were found to have breached the standards "at gross misconduct level".

A second investigation involved six police officers who were all part of a WhatsApp group who exchanged "wholly inappropriate offensive, sexist, racist, homophobic, misogynistic and/or anti-Semitic messages."

Three officers were dismissed without notice and a further officer would have been dismissed had he not already resigned.

All four officers were placed on the barred list which prevents them from working in policing.

Two of the officers received final written warnings as their messages were deemed to be not as persistent and targeted as some other messages in the WhatsApp group.

It comes after a series of damning revelations about misogyny and predatory behaviour within the Metropolitan Police.

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Baroness Casey, who conducted a review into sexism within London's police force, told Sky News there should be a "root and branch" review of this problem across the country.

Humberside Assistant Chief Constable Dave Marshall said: "The actions of these officers were deplorable and Humberside Police, its leadership and more importantly, our staff will not stand for this behaviour.

"When this information came to light, we acted swiftly and robustly, and sought to bring appropriate sanctions to those involved. That has meant that seven of those involved have been dismissed and no longer work in policing.

"The delay in reporting this to the public has been as a result of ongoing criminal proceedings in relation to some of the officers and their behaviours.

"Those related legal proceedings have now concluded, and in keeping with the principles of open justice and transparency in policing I am now able to publish details of the misconduct hearings."