Humongous English Rabbit Jumps Over Rooftops to Hang Out With Cat Friend

A fence was no match for a humongous English pet rabbit’s affection for the neighbor’s cat.

A video shows the massive bunny taking a daring leap over a fence, from one shed rooftop to another, to join his feline friend for some quality time in Loughton on January 5.

Jessie Sayce, who recorded this video from her home, said her cat, Leo, has been friendly toward her neighbor’s rabbit since he was a kitten.

“We thought it was really adorable, but didn’t think it would last, as Leo was getting bigger and thought he’d scare the rabbit,” she said. “This started 6 months ago, and they’re still super friendly!”

Sayce told Storyful the friendship has gotten to the point where the rabbit has sneaked into their home using the cat flap to search for Leo when he wasn’t outside.

“We have woke up several times and found the rabbit in the house,” she said.

Sayce wasn’t sure how the rabbit was getting over the fence until she caught it on video.

“He was jumping on a chair to the shed in their garden, and doing a jump to our shed to play with Leo. Or just sit together and watch the world go by,” she said. Credit: Jessie Sayce via Storyful