Humpback Whales Interfere as Killer Whales Fed on a Gray Whale Calf

This dramatic drone footage shows the moment humpback whales interfered with killer whales feeding on a gray whale calf carcass on May 1.

The orcas had attacked and killed a gray whale calf off Monterey Bay, California.

The killer whales were feeding on the carcass when three humpbacks charged and attempted to push them away from the carcass.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch said the humpback whales were “very agitated” and blew their blowhole “very loudly” with “boisterous exhalations.” The interference lasted for over an hour as the orcas tried to feed on the dead whale.

They said that the interference was very “unusual behavior.” Credit: Monterey Bay Whale Watch/ via Storyful

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