Humpback Whales Stun Watcher With Multiple Breaches in Southern California

A pod of humpback whales in Oceanside, California, stunned a local whale watcher with multiple breaches on February 21.

Chelsea Bradley captured video of the event while she was out on a boat near her home in Oceanside, she told Storyful.

Bradley said she found herself among “about ten” humpback whales who breached multiple times.

According to Bradley, two humpback whales can be seen engaging in chin flapping in the second part of the footage.

Bradley told Storyful she often goes out on the water to observe the whales. “There are days where humpbacks won’t do much, but the days we even see a glimpse of action, we know it’ll be a great day that we’ll want to capture forever!” Credit: Chelsea Bradley via Storyful