Hundreds Evacuate After Wildfire Breaks Out in Catalonia

A wildfire had burned at least 1,614 hectares of forest in El Pont de Vilomara in Spain’s Catalonia by early July 18, according to the Catalan civil protection organization.

Video filmed by Lluis Casadesus from nearby Castellgali shows smoke rising from the wildfire on July 17. 370 firefighters tackled the fire with the support of 15 aircrafts, according to local news reports.

Spanish news outlet El Pais, citing authorities, reported a lockdown was ordered in 275 municipalities in 20 counties from Sunday to Monday due to smoke and the risk of fire.

The fire in El Pont de Vilomara is the latest fire among 30 active wildfires in Spain, according to local news reports.

Spain’s Meteorological Agency predicted an extreme fire risk level across the country. Credit: Lluis Casadesus via Storyful

Video transcript


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