Hundreds gather in memory of British free-runner killed in Paris Metro accident

Fiona Simpson
'For Nye': Hundreds of teenagers gathered at the memorial: Brewman

The mother of a teenage British free-runner who died on the Paris Metro told hundreds of parkour enthusiasts to “carry her son’s spirit forever” in a moving tribute.

Debs Malone spoke at a remembrance "jam" of free-runners, held in memory of her 17-year-old son Nye Frankie Newman who died in the French capital on New Year's Day.

The 49-year-old told a crowd of teenagers: "Can I ask you all, please carry Nye's spirit with you forever and always, and smile.

"I want you all to put your hand on your heart now and we are going to get down for my boy.

"Stay safe, stay brave, stay strong yeah? And be happy."

'Truly remarkable': Friends paid tribute to Nye Frankie Newman

Nye, from Guilford, was a keen free runner, the craze which sees people climb and jump over obstacles and buildings in urban environments.

His parkour group Brewman said the teenager was involved in a "train accident on the Metro".

They said his death had nothing to do with the sport.

Touching tribute: Teens gather in memory of Nye Frankie Newman (Brewman)

Hundreds of people turned up to pay their respects in Guildford, where a minute's silence was held and Nye's friends trained and practised parkour - jumping on and flipping off walls.

Alex Grubb, 18, who helped to coordinate the event, said his friend was "kind" and "caring".

"Nye was very eccentric," he said.

"He had his own style, he wasn't like anyone else. He was a bit out there, very opinionated but very loving at the same time."

Luke Stones, part of Brewman, defended the sport.

"I think people who see us as troublemakers and we are just doing flips on concrete, but it is another form of exercise," said the 16-year-old.

"It is a way to express your emotions through movement.

Moving event: Hundreds gathered in memory of Nye (Brewman)

"When you're doing parkour you're at one with yourself, it's almost like a meditation," he added.

The teenagers sold t-shirts, with the money raised being donated to Nye's family.

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