'Hundreds' of parasites believed to be bedbugs infest the fur and skin of this innocent dog

This was the shocking moment a Utah couple who own this 16-year-old Border Collie had to thoroughly wash the fur and skin of their dog after a parasitic infestation was found on the pet. Filmed on January 21, the footage shows the innocent dog being intensely bathed and combed where the parasites are revealed on the comb. The owners were told repeatedly by many sources that bedbugs do not use canines as a host and were dumbfounded when they deep cleaned their whole house only to be greeted by more parasites. They explained the situation in detail to Newsflare: "My partner and I found our first bedbug last Wednesday [January 15]. "We had an inspector come out on Friday [January 17] who said what we had captured was definitely a bedbug, but that there was no sign of infestation, and recommended deep cleaning the whole house and taking significant preventative measures just to be safe." "Since then, it's been chaos, our weekend was made up of laundry, endless vacuuming, steam cleaning, and a lot of reading up on other ways to keep it from breaking out. "Everywhere we looked said they didn't like dogs, wouldn't live on dogs, etc. "They said to wash and dry the dog bed, toys and kennels, but not to worry about the dogs themselves. "Every article, clipping, and forum assured us that while they may feed on the dogs if they get 'desperate,' they would generally overlook them and would NEVER live on them. "We checked for bugs on the surface but didn't dig deeper than that. "If everyone - pest control and government sites included - are saying it, it must be true, right? "Well, after cleaning the entire house and finding no other signs of bedbugs save one or two that randomly showed up on our clothing, we decided to check our dogs anyway and found that our 16-year-old border collie was filled with them. "Hundreds of these bloodsucking nymphs were burrowed deep in her fur to the extent that we could not see them until we physically spread her fur at the skin like we were checking the seams of the mattress. Please don't make the same mistake we did. "Always check your dogs thoroughly, even if everyone else says not to."