Hungry Hamster Needs to Work on Table Manners

Veggie treats were the order of the day for a hamster in Singapore as it munched on a selection of different healthy snacks from the comfort of a miniature chair set up beside a suitably tiny dinner table.

Footage of the pampered pet was captured by its owner, Jaieden Ace Shen, who is based in Sembawang, Singapore. The hamster though may need to work on its table manners before going to any social events, eventually knocking over a tiny plate as it gobbled on some of the treats on offer.

Shen posted the results to his Hamstars YouTube channel, which boasts more than 160,000 subscribers and is dedicated to videos of his multiple pampered hamsters.

The video was originally posted to YouTube on March 7. Credit: Jaieden Ace Shen via Storyful