Hunt for owners after cat left in worst condition rescuers have ever seen

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Search for owners after cat 'in worst condition rescuers have seen' saved from Purton
Search for owners after cat 'in worst condition rescuers have seen' saved from Purton

Volunteers for a feline-based animal rescue service have said that out of hundreds of cats they've rescued and fostered, a black cat they had saved recently was in the worst state they "have seen by far."

CATS (Cats assistance trapping service) had been alerted to a black cat in Purton by concerned members of the public. The poor moggy was reported to look wobbly and had a possible injured eye.

After days of trying to catch the cat with a set trap, volunteers Emma Turner and Scott Salmon were finally successful on Saturday, May 7 when they were able to wrap it up in a towel, but it was then that they realised the extent of its problems.

"Scott and I have fostered over 100 cats in the last year since we’ve been volunteering but this is the worst we have seen by far," Emma said.

"He had the biggest matt of fur on his back and you could see the top of his eyeball through an injury above his eye, and he was very thin"

Emma said they'd presumed the cat was feral but after it was taken to a local vet and admitted for emergency treatment, they were surprised to discover that he had been neutered and microchipped.

CATS is now trying to appeal to the animal's potential owners to get in touch, especially as vets have said his condition is currently touch-and-go.

"The vets are still currently trying to track down the owners who are registered as living in Wiltshire," she said.

"Ideally they'll be found or come forward, but if that doesn't happen after seven days then we are willing to take the cat into foster care and help find a space in a rescue centre for him once he has recovered."

CATS was founded by Donna Perry back at the beginning of 2021 and currently has around 25 volunteers like Emma giving up their time to help get the cats safe.

If anyone would like to help CATS by making a donation they can do so by calling Stroud Road Vets in Gloucester on 01452 757000 and topping up the organisation's vets account for emergency treatment.

Or, you could support by donating to a GoFundMe fundraiser started by CATS' youngest volunteer, Swindon-based, Nicole Hale who is currently walking 80 miles in the month of May.

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