'Hunted' returns with toughest series start yet as fugitives must escape island

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The contestants go on the run from a boat in the sea. (Channel 4)
Hunted's fugitives will have to escape from an island. (Channel 4)

Channel 4's extreme challenge show Hunted returns on Sunday with the toughest start to a series yet, as the fugitives are told they must escape from an island to kick off their adventure.

The reality contest sees ordinary members of the public turn into "fugitives" as they try to evade capture by experienced police, military and security professionals.

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While the contestants always have a tricky job ahead of them, the opening scenes of series six are set to be even more difficult than usual as for the first time they must start out by making their way from a deserted beach to the mainland to begin their chase.

Viewers will see the new fugitives begin the show on a beach on the Isle of Wight, with just a change of clothes and a small amount of cash to see them on their way.

A helicopter pilot looks for fugitives over the Isle of Wight. (Channel 4)
A helicopter pilot looks for fugitives over the Isle of Wight. (Channel 4)

During the series, they'll have access to a bank account containing £250 and will be able to carry as much with them as they can, including tents and disguises.

Their aim is to stay off grid for as long as possible to be in with a chance of winning part of the £100,000 jackpot available to those who don't get caught.

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As the end of the contest nears, they will be given information on where their "extraction point" will be, the end goal location which they'll need to reach to win the money.

But with experienced trackers watching out for their every move and able to use drones, publicity campaigns and tech devices to hunt them down, staying on the run will not be easy.

Hunted has also spawned a celebrity series, with the most recent one which aired earlier this year won by Iwan Thomas.

In 2019, for the first time ever the hunters won and none of the fugitives managed to get to the extraction point, meaning nobody won the cash prize.

Hunted begins on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4 and continues on Monday at 9pm.

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