Hunter Biden finds Donald Trump Jr.’s attacks 'wildly comical'

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, President Biden’s embattled son Hunter addressed the many attacks by Donald Trump Jr.. Trump, who is the Executive Vice President of theTrump Organization, has repeatedly suggested that Biden only got offered prestigious positions, like being on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, because of his name. While Trump clearly doesn’t see the irony in those attacks, Biden sees the humor.

“Does it make you crazy when you hear someone like Donald Trump Jr. saying that the only reason he does — is because he’s a Biden, and because of his last name? And how just wildly comical that is?” Kimmel asked. “It is. It is wildly comical,” Biden answered. “That’s putting it lightly.”

Biden didn’t just laugh at the attacks, he showed off his credentials.

“I went to Yale law school. I served on at least a dozen boards before Burisma,” Biden said. “I was Vice Chairman of the Board of Amtrak. I was Chairman of the Board at World Food Program U.S., supporting the largest humanitarian organization in the world. I had an expertise in corporate governance. I was asked to serve on the board for corporate governance.”