Hunter Moore reveals why he pulled out of The Most Hated Man on the Internet

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Revenge porn king” Hunter Moore has claimed he withdrew from the Netflix documentary about him, titled The Most Hated Man on the Internet, because he wasn’t allowed to tell his “side of the story”.

The documentary chronicles Moore’s downfall after he founded a website called in 2010.

While Moore has claimed that “revenge porn” had never been the original purpose of the website, Is Anyone Up? became a forum for users to share explicit images of people they knew, before linking the photos to their public social media profiles.

Moore allegedly refused to remove pictures from the website at the behest of the victims, many of whom said the files had been stolen through hacks or shared by malicious ex-partners.

While the Netflix documentary was originally supposed to include interviews with Moore, it ended up focusing on Charlotte Laws, who led the fight against Moore.

Posting on Twitter about his withdrawal from the series, Moore wrote: “A lot of you has been asking why didn’t I tell my side of the story on Netflix documentary, well at first we all had agreed about the terms and all but at the end they wouldn’t let me tell my side of the story, basically I had to say what they wanted me to say, so I back off [sic].”

He added in the comments: “There is always two side of the stories, 60 per cent of that Netflix documentary was BS, they never want you to tell or hear the truth.”

Instead of new interviews with Moore, the show does include several clips of past interviews he has given, and videos he published online.

Director Rob Miller said Moore is fairly represented in the footage shown throughout the series.

‘Revenge porn king’ and convicted felon Hunter Moore (Netflix)
‘Revenge porn king’ and convicted felon Hunter Moore (Netflix)

Producer Vikki Miller said, via Metro: “When Hunter pulled out, I was initially disappointed but then I completely changed my mind and am so glad we ended up telling it through Charlotte Laws’ narrative.

“She’s an extraordinary character and fought extremely hard for justice to be done. Through Hunter’s regular media appearances at the time we know what Hunter’s thoughts were – and we included them.

“What was new, and what we did, was to flip the narrative to tell it from the other side, to include the voices that haven’t yet been heard – the victims’ – and they’re led by Charlotte.”

The Most Hated Man on the Internet is out now on Netflix.

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