'My husband sent nude snaps of me to other women – there's reason I can't leave'

A woman has asked for advice after discovering her husband had sent explicit snaps of her to other women
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A woman appealed for advice after finding out about her husband's dirty secret.

She was desperate for help after catching her hubby sending explicit pictures of her to other women without her permission. Disturbingly, he was asking his female contacts if they'd like a "threesome".

She'd felt "so happy" in her 15-year marriage until cracks started showing. She had to overcome her partner's problems with "gambling and lots of debts".

Another time, she stumbled across a penis picture on his phone she feared would be sent to a colleague. The pair decided to work past these issues – but it's been a struggle.

And now, an even bigger problem has reared its head. In a candid Mumsnet thread, she revealed: "I was on his phone the other day as mine had died and I wanted to look something up.

"I opened up the browser to find a fake Twitter account which he had loads of women on and found out he had been messaging them. But involving me. Saying things like how him and his wife where so turned on by them and how we wanted to have a threesome etc."

The woman says her husband believed he wasn't being 'inappropriate'
The woman says her husband believed he wasn't being 'inappropriate' -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

After confronting him, her husband "packed his bags and went to stay with his folks" but denied believing what he had done was "inappropriate". The exasperated lass would like to leave the marriage – but there's some obstacles in the way.

She added: "Because of the debt we are in I literally cannot afford for him to leave or not work all these extra hours. And do not want him to take the kids back to his folks while I am working as I will literally never see them."

She closed her post by asking the forum: "I don't know what I want from this man anymore. I guess I'm asking would I be a crazy woman to put up with him for the next 18 months - two years when I'll have completed my course and will be debt free and in a much better position to leave him. Or do I just accept I won't get my dream job and everything I've worked so hard for and just claim bankruptcy and lose my home?"

The post garnered dozens of supportive comments – with many slamming the husband for his seedy actions. One wrote: "What a horrible violation of trust. I would find it very difficult to see a way back from this. None of this is your fault so don't feel gaslighted in to believing you are somehow partly to blame for this. The practicalities are the easy part. Trust me you will find a way through those."

A second agreed: "What an abuse of trust. You've already given him a second chance after the gambling and are working your socks off for him and your boys. I can only say that IF you are going to generously forgive him again then I would make very sure that he understands what you are sacrificing."

Meanwhile, others urged the woman to call the police or seek legal advice.