Husky dog shakes his head no and refuses to come inside from the snow

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This adorable video shows a stubborn husky making the most of the unprecidented freeze in Texas and repeatedly shakes its head 'no' when asked to come in out of the snow.

Five-year-old Malakai refuses to come inside when called in a now viral video clip, choosing to enjoy the snow instead. 

Owner Melissa Renick, 37, a marketing director, from Tyler, Texas, said: "We could not get him to come inside at all.

"He wanted to stay outside and roll around in it and have a good time out there."

Malakai can be seen vehemently shaking his head 'no' - and even growls multiple times.

Melissa added: "He shakes his head 'no' when he's not ready to eat or he doesn't want to do something. He's done that his whole life.

"He's like a little human. He vocalizes when he likes and doesn't like something."

While Malakai has seen snow before, Melissa said this is the first time the dog has seen this much at once. 

"We're located in East Texas and it has snowed before but it was years ago and we've never seen this much snow before," she said. 

"So he was really excited."

Melissa and her son have fortunately retained power during the storm, but have no water.

She is making sure to keep Malakai warm though, no matter how much the pooch fusses.

"I'm letting him out for an hour or two at a time, but I am making sure to bring him inside so that he can get warmed back up again," she said. 

"He's acclimatized to East Texas weather and now that we have the snow he loves it and he's excited, but we want to make sure that he's safe and that his body temperature is okay."