Husky Shows Admirable Patience as Owner Sets 'Dog Toy Challenge'

A husky in Colorado Springs, Colorado, showed admirable patience as it awaited the chance to play with its dog toy again while the toy balanced on the head of the pooch’s owner.

Footage filmed by Megan Vaughan, shows her balancing the toy duck on her head after her pet husky, Cash, dropped it into her hands.

The dog then patiently stares at the toy as it balances on Vaughan’s head before she gives in and gives the toy back to her pet.

Cash and Vaughan have starred in numerous viral videos together, with the pair’s YouTube channel featuring more wholesome antics.

Vaughan often captures footage of Cash singing with her, or sometimes acting as a weight during a workout routine. Credit: Megan Vaughan via Storyful

Video transcript

- Good boy.

- Good boy.