Huw Edwards explains limited narration on BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s funeral

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Those who have tuned into the BBC’s coverage of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II may be confused upon being greeted by long stretches of silence.

In the morning of Monday’s (19 September) broadcast of the funeral , BBC presenter Huw Edwards explained the network’s decision to feature only minimal commentary during the solemn proceedings.

The decision was a “respectful” one to allow the focus to remain on the processions.

“We feel that this is the most respectful way to cover it,” he said.

Throughout the hours-long funeral procession, many ceremonial events are expected to take place.

To avoid distracting from those moments with commentary, the BBC has referred its viewers to its online guide to the historic funeral.

The guide includes long lists of the dignitaries expected to attend, as well as detailed maps to the placement of key royal figures and members of the British military.

Edwards has been praised for his sturdy presence throughout his coverage of the Queen’s death, starting with news of her passing on 8 September.

After having been taken to Wellington Arch earlier Monday, the Queen’s coffin is being driven to Windsor Castle. After a memorial service at St George’s Chapel, Britain’s longest-reigning sovereign will be buried this evening.

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