Hyundai’s new AI tech learns from your driving habits

By Ryan Hirons, PA Motoring Reporter

Your next car could learn from your driving habits if a piece of new Hyundai technology makes it into widespread production.

Claimed as the world’s first machine learning-based cruise control system, the Smart Cruise Control System (dubbed SCC-ML) system aims to replicate a real driver’s behaviour and apply them in self-driving conditions.

It works similarly to current-day adaptive cruise control systems but builds on that by mimicking its drivers’ typical behaviours such as rate of acceleration and distances kept from a car ahead.

Hyundai says this will help drivers who have been reluctant to use adaptive cruise technology as a result of unfamiliarity with the behaviour of such systems – aiming to bring a more human feel to its self-driving capabilities.

(Hyundai Motor Group/PA)
(Hyundai Motor Group/PA)

Woongjun Jang, Hyundai Motor Group vice president, said: “The new SCC-ML improves upon the intelligence of the previous [Hyundai adaptive cruise] technology to dramatically improve the practicality of semi-autonomous features.

“Hyundai Motor Group will continue the development efforts on innovative AI technologies to lead the industry in the field of autonomous driving.”

The South Korean firm hasn’t given a date on when the technology will come into production, though has confirmed it plans to implement them into vehicles produced by the wider Hyundai Motor Group. This would likely include cars from Kia as well.