Ian Rankin offers an update on the second season of Rebus

 Richard Rankin in a dark jacket as Rebus stands in an alleyway in Rebus.
Richard Rankin in a dark jacket as Rebus stands in an alleyway in Rebus.

Rebus has returned to screens, much to the delight of viewers who praised the Scottish drama as 'brilliant'.

The new series stars Outlander’s Richard Rankin in the starring role and has been positively met by critics and viewers.

Now Sir Ian Rankin, who wrote the series Scottish detective season that the books are based on, has revealed an update on the new series.

'Thanks to everyone for your comments on the new Rebus series. Some of you have imbibed the whole thing already and are asking about season two - out of my hands but very much in those of @BBC!' the author wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Fans were quick to reply to the social media post with their own hopes for a second season.

'It’s brilliantly Rebus. The actor has got him to a tee. One thing sir…quiet Jambo?' wrote one fan.

While another said, 'I’ve read every Rebus book and approached this with trepidation. But by the end of episode one I liked it. Two quibbles.

'Music is such a big part of the books but, apart from Stones and McJagger, seems absent in the TV series. And shouldn’t Cafferty and Rebus be similar in age?'

And another replied, 'I didn’t expect to like it Ian, but I was wrong. Great cast, great settings and great story. Hopefully many more series get the green light.'

And another wrote, 'I’m a big #Rebus fan, so I was very curious about how the reincarnation of this complicated character would be accepted.

'You’ve definitely pulled it off. Yeah, I see the odd displeased detractor, but #RickRankin definitely excelled.'

And another wrote, 'I thought I’d struggle after Ken Stott’s version, but this was fab. I watched all episodes in one go.'

Other reactions on X (formerly Twitter) include saying it seems more that its based in Glasgow rather than Edinburgh.

Another wrote, 'The "New" Rebus sounds more like it's set in Glasgow than Edinburgh, it's more like a poor mans Taggart pretending to be in Edinburgh now.'

And another wrote, 'I noted a new series of Rebus has started . The first one was done by John Hannah. Did not like as did not do Edinburgh accent.

'Then Ken Scott did it and was brilliant he had it perfect. Now we have this new ons when he was younger. Don’t like it as again no accent - terrible.'

Rebus continues next Saturday 25th May, 2024.