iCarly Got Canceled, But Miranda Cosgrove Has An Idea For How To Wrap It Up

 Carly smiling while holding a duster on iCarly.
Carly smiling while holding a duster on iCarly.

It’s been over six months since Paramount+ subscribers were hit with the iCarly cancellation, and it still hurts. The beloved Nickelodeon series was revived in 2021, and starred original cast members Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor. It also occasionally featured the returns of other franchise OGs. The third season aired last summer and ended on a cliffhanger that nearly included the long-awaited appearance of Carly and Spencer’s mother. Now, Cosgrove has an idea on how to wrap it all up, and I desperately need it to happen.

A show cancelation can be heartbreaking, but it’s even worse when there’s a cliffhanger that'll seemingly never get solved. Carly and Spencer’s mother was never brought up in the original series, and it was always assumed she either died or left the picture. The final episodes of the revival's third season revealed that their mom did, in fact, leave them and their dad without a word. She finally returned in the final moments of the finale, though she wasn't seen on camera.

With that storyline and so many others still needing closure, is there a possibility that iCarly could come back down the line? That’s still unclear but, while speaking with ET, Miranda Cosgrove expressed interest in returning and exactly how she would like to do it:

I had a great experience getting to come back and do it for a few seasons, for sure. But I'd love to still be able to wrap up the story in some way. Maybe, hopefully, someday, we'll still do it. I feel like it would probably be more along the lines of maybe a movie, that would kind of wrap it all up or something like that. So that's what I'm hoping for. I want to know who Carly's mother is as much as [fans do]. It seems like a lot of people were hoping to see that.

A movie would certainly be a great way for iCarly to wrap up some loose ends, and it wouldn't be the first TV property to go that route. Other notable series like Firefly, Timeless and Prison Break also signed off with films. Sure, a flick wouldn't be the same as an entire new season with Carly Shay and co., but it could indeed give the writers a chance to conclude the show's stories properly.

miranda cosgrove in the icarly revival
miranda cosgrove in the icarly revival

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With that, fans could also finally see Carly and Spencer’s mom. It was a disappointment when Paramount+ canceled the series, after which the writers reacted with a heartfelt statement, in which they addressed the fans' passion. As of right now, P+ has not given a formal reason as to why the revival was axed. And, as far as the public knows, there have been no true discussions about wrapping up the series in any way.

Not only did the show leave fans hanging with Carly and Spencer’s mom, but Carly and Freddie had finally gotten together. Fans had been waiting over a decade for the two to become a couple, and it was gratifying to finally see that dynamic play out on screen. A movie (or another season) would give the producers the chance to further develop their relationship, whether it’s moving in together or maybe even getting engaged and walking down the aisle.

The chances of more iCarly seem slim at this point, but I don't think it's a total impossibility. Paramount+ has brought back other Nick properties for revival movies after all, like Zoey 101 and The Thundermans. Let's hope that such a development happens again so that Miranda Cosgrove and co. can give us an ending worthy of their beloved TV franchise.