Ice block falling from the sky prompts calls for investigation

Francesca Marshall

A block of ice which fell from the sky narrowly missing a pedestrian in a London suburb has led to calls for the incident to be investigated.

Street cleaner Serhiy Mysehkov was working under a flight path to Heathrow when a giant piece of ice crashed beside him and almost crushed him to death.

And now Kew Garden councillor Monica Horner said the “worrying” incident needed to be looked into.

She said: “It definitely needs to be investigated, I’m shocked. This could have killed someone.”

Amir Khan, 39, was driving past when he managed to capture the dramatic moment on his dashboard security camera.

Whilst it has not been confirmed, he said the ice appeared to fall from a passing plane.

Ms Horner added: “This is the problem when you have planes going over a populated area and another argument to say that Heathrow is the wrong place for expansion. 

Credit: Sky News

“It is a very worrying incident and there needs to be some explanation as to why this happened so close to people.”

It comes less than five months after a block of ice left a 4ft by 3ft crater in a family’s back garden in Renfrewshire.

Similarly a piece of ice fell from a flight landing into Heathrow last February, causing substantial damage to a roof in Windsor.

In 2015 a stowaway plunged to his death from a plane and landed on offices in a west London high street.

The bizarre occurrence, which is believed to have happened on Wednesday next to Kew Gardens station, was caught on CCTV and shows Mr Mysehkov crossing the road before the giant ice block smashes to the ground making a loud sound on the floor.

Credit: Sky News

Mr Khan told the Evening Standard: “It was like the start of a disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow.

“It made such a loud noise like a meteorite crashing down. The street cleaner was so confused and scared.”

Pavi Singh, who works in the family-owned Kew Convenience Store just metres from where the ice fell, heard the crash from inside the shop.

He said: “I heard it and went outside immediately because it was a really big bang.

“There were passers-by and they said it was something from the sky. I’m so glad no one was hurt or anyone was around it.”

Social media users were shocked after Mr Singh posted the video online to raise awareness.

Credit: Sky News

One person said: “That is so scary! Thank goodness no one was hurt, I cross the road with my daughter there every day. Going to be walking looking up from now on.”

A spokesperson for the UK Civil Aviation Authority said that whilst the ice block might have come from a plane, incidents such as this can also be as a result of meteorological phenomena.

The spokesperson said: “Ice falls can be as a result of meteorological phenomena, however ice falls from aircraft are considered to be rare in UK airspace.  

“The CAA receives reports of around 30 ice falls every year. We are unable to investigate the potential origin of an ice fall, but do record reports of this nature.”  

The UK Civil Aviation Authority added that efforts are made to minimise the risk of ice falls by performing regular maintenance to prevent leaks and take prompt corrective action if a defect is found.