The Ice Queen Cometh: Photographer reveals spectacular pictures of polar regions

Ice formations in Greenland (Caters)

A woman has been dubbed the real-life Ice Queen after dedicating her life to taking spectacular photographs of glistening glaciers.

Marketa Kalvachova, 32, was given the nickname after scouring the coldest corners of the globe to achieve her ambition of capturing the most amazing ice sculptures.

But because of the constantly changing formation of ice she says no icebergs or glaciers are ever the same so her mission is never complete.

And now she travels thousands of miles every year to take her stunning shots since becoming fascinated with the kaleidoscope of colours throughout the polar regions.

Marketa, from the Czech Republic, said: "It started for me back when my partner and I went camping for the first time at the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland.

"The more popular location nearby - Jokulsarlon - is always full of people so we decided to go somewhere a little off track and we were so glad we did.

"It was a sea of colour like nothing else I had ever seen. I love the many different shades of blue you can find when you look harder.

"The lagoons and waterfalls make for out of this world pictures and the more you see the more breathtaking they become."

Marketa, who now lives in Iceland, looks forward each year to the winter when she can capture the glaciers at their very best.

She added: "My inspiration is simply the nature around me. I go many times a year - as soon as winter comes and I know all the waterfalls are frozen I have to go and visit.

"I mostly enjoy finding different interesting forms, shapes and colours. I am landscape photographer and like to capture the ice in connection with the surrounding area.

"I don't think my journey will ever be over - I enjoy it too much."