Good enough to eat? Strange ice sculptures appear like pancakes with icing sugar on frozen lake

The natural sculptures in Lake Onega, north-west Russia, were captured by photographer Igor Podgorny

Under a setting sun, these strange ice sculptures stretch out as far as the eye can see.

While they may look at first glance like a feast of pancakes dusted with icing sugar, they are in fact natural ice forms created as a result of the harsh winter conditions.

The pancake-shaped sculptures are made when the strong wind causes the ice to rub together, grinding the edges into smooth disks.

The natural sculptures on the surface of Lake Onega, north-west Russia, were captured by photographer Igor Podgorny.

The strange ice sculptures were caused by the harsh winter conditions in Russia (Caters)

A full-time geologist, Mr Podgorny has had an interest in photography for the past 10 years.

The 36-year-old said: "It was crazy to be surrounded by these sculptures because it was as if I was walking around on a pile of mirrors.

"Even people who've lived in the area their whole life are stunned when they see how many of these ice sculptures I've managed to capture.

"I know that I've certainly never seen so many and I'm only sorry that I didn't spend all day there getting more photos."

"It wasn't until I looked back at the pictures on my computer that I realised that I'd managed to take some really special pictures."