Icelandic volcano erupts near capital's airport

A volcano has begun erupting near Iceland's main airport, the country's meteorological authorities have said.

The eruption is near the Fagradalsfjall mountain, 32km (20 miles) southwest of the capital Reykjavik, the Icelandic Meteorological Office said.

A live video feed from the site shows molten lava and smoke spewing from a fissure in the ground.

The airport remained open, and no flights were disrupted.

It comes after days of small earthquakes in the area.

The eruption is close to Keflavik Airport, Iceland's international air traffic hub.

An eruption in the same area last year produced spectacular lava flows for several months.

Iceland, which is located above a volcanic hotspot in the North Atlantic, sees an eruption every four to five years on average.

The most disruptive happened in 2010, when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano sent clouds of ash and dust into the atmosphere, halting air travel for days between Europe and North America over concerns the ash could damage jet engines.

More than 100,000 flights were grounded and millions of passengers stranded.

But unlike the 2010 eruption, this one is not expected to spew much ash or smoke into the atmosphere.