Icicles Line Walkway as Winter Grips Indiana Town

As temperatures dipped along the Lake Michigan shoreline on November 12, residents of Ogden Dunes, Indiana, could at least enjoy a picturesque, if quite cold, view out onto the water.

Local photography enthusiast Eve Wierzbicki shot this footage of the Lake Michigan waters lapping against the Ogden Dunes shore, as icicles lined the railings of a walkway leading down to the lake.

Wierzbicki, whose Dig the Dunes Twitter account is full of Ogden Dunes scenery, told Storyful the walkway overlooks Lake Michigan. Thanks to coastal erosion, she said, it “now walks to a drop-off” where the beach used to be.

Temperatures on November 12 in the area dipped to 12 F, according to Accuweather. Credit: Eve Wierzbicki via Storyful