Icy roads can mean a roadside disaster. 10 items to keep in your winter car emergency kit.

Winter's icy grip can quickly turn any carefree drive into a chilling roadside ordeal. Fear not, brave travelers! There's no reason to let motoring emergencies catch you off guard in snowy weather – we're sharing all the essentials you need to keep your winter road trips, big or small, smooth and safe.

From tire cables designed to tackle icy streets to emergency blankets that can be stored in your glove box, we're making it our mission to ensure you're fully prepared for your next winter adventure. When winter challenges, preparedness is the key to turning potential roadside disasters into hassle-free journeys. Here are all of the emergency essentials you need for your car this winter.

Watch the video above to learn about all of the emergency essentials you need in your car this winter.

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Winter emergency essentials for your car

  • Tools for maintenance and repairs. Ensure you have what you need for minor maintenance and repairs on the go. A set of useful tools can go a long way toward getting you back on the road to safety in an emergency.

  • Emergency roadside kit. Be equipped for unforeseen emergencies with essential supplies. These kits come pre-packaged with first aid items and other crucial tools and can be found at most automotive retailers.

  • Snacks and spare water. Water and snacks are emergency kit essentials and your winter car kit is no exception. These will help sustain you in case you're stranded, ensuring you stay nourished and hydrated until help arrives.

  • Emergency blanket. Low-profile emergency blankets are easy to store in the glove box or console and can help you stay warm if you get stuck in falling temperatures during winter.

  • Tire pressure monitoring. As winter temperatures fluctuate, ensure your car is road-safe by keeping an eye on tire pressure. If your car doesn't have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on the dashboard, you should always keep a portable tire pressure gauge in the glove box so you can check tire pressure manually.

  • Tire cables. Be ready for winter road conditions, ensuring traction in slippery situations. Tire cables will enhance your tire grip on snow and ice, providing added security in challenging weather.

  • Ice scraper and small shovel. These will help clear ice and snow from atop and around your car for better visibility and maneuverability.

  • Sturdy pair of work gloves. Regular gloves are great, but a sturdy pair of work gloves can pull double duty. These will keep your hands warm and protected in the event you need to work on your car in inclement weather.

  • Charged backup battery with solar power. This will ensure your devices stay powered for communication and emergencies. What's more, with a solar-powered battery, you only need sunlight to recharge.

  • Flashlight. At night, or when needing to illuminate dark crevices, even a small flashlight can help provide better visibility in emergency situations.

  • Route knowledge and weather check. Always stay informed about your routes and current weather conditions in order to make safer driving preparations and decisions.

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