Terrifying moment live alligator falls from high-rise building in China

A live alligator fell from a high-rise building in southern China. CCTV footage filmed in the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province on May 29, shows a one-metre-long alligator plummeting from an over 20-storey building, landing directly in front of a local shop. Surveillance cameras captured the shocking incident, revealing the alligator's initial impact on a canopy before crashing down onto the ground below. Nearby shop owners recounted hearing a loud noise and rushed outside, only to be taken aback by the sight of a live alligator lying in front of them. The property management promptly alerted the authorities, and the police swiftly arrived at the scene, locating the owner of the fallen alligator, Mr Liu. According to Mr Liu, the creature was being kept as a pet for over a decade and was intended for consumption. With nobody at home, it remains a mystery as to how the reptile managed to fall from the balcony. Mr Liu expressed his apologies to the neighbours for the fright caused by the unexpected incident. Following the incident, the residential property management issued a notice to inspect for the presence of any other potentially dangerous animals being kept within the premises. It was revealed that the alligator had been secretly kept by Liu and was not reported to the authorities. Due to the small size of the fish tank in Liu's home, the animal managed to escape and fall from the balcony. The alligator has since been taken into custody by the police, and the local fishery department is conducting an investigation into the matter. The video was provided by local media with permission.